Milena Huhta

Helsinki-based artist and illustrator

Selected editorial

Done for various publications and magazines throughout the years.

Selected album covers

Digital illustration and graphic design for Pariisin Kevät, 2019

Illustration and design for
Mood of the Era: Undisputed ep, 2017.

book covers


Illustration and graphic design
(unless otherwise specified).

Signa Zodiaci

Zodiac man and separate zodiac illustrations for a self-published project by Tino Nyman and Aava Eronen, 2023.


One-off illustrations/projects
throughout the years

An ongoing (2018—) collaborative project with photographer Diana Luganski.
Photography: Diana Luganski  Illustration: Milena Huhta
MUA: Piia Hiltunen  Models: Lotta Järvinen, Janne Punkari, Verna Reini,
Antti Kettunen, Nina Korpi, Yilin Ma

Thaumaturgy exhibition

In Galleria Kuvitus, February 2019.
Photography and altar installation: Diana Luganski

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